About Us

Moor Farm Building (MFB) is a family-owned firm concentrating on the renovation and extension of both residential and commercial properties. The key members of our team have worked together for over twelve years, and the company itself was formed in 2004.

The company specialises in intricate projects, working with trained professionals and the client in order to offer an extensive, quality service. The company has a portfolio of completed projects, and actively encourages clients and potential clients to discuss our approach to building services.

Whilst all companies operate to make a profit, MFB is project focused:- each must be completed to very high standards to the satisfaction of the customer, otherwise we would view the process as a failure on our part. Moor Farm Building relies on good testimonials and positive feedback from past customers to bring new projects and new clients to us. The very purpose of our formation and the code which we strive to adhere to is "to give the customer a reliable, fully transparent service in respect to cost and quality."

As a company we offer no obligation free tenders with the assistance of our own Architect. If you have a project and would like our team's input, please do not hesitate to contact us.